Warning: This post will make you bust out your Buffalo Tom tape and want to wear flannel.

10 Aug

I recently discovered that a My So Called Life marathon was on the Sundance Channel. After screaming, quitting my job and throwing a box of Cheerios at my children, I dvrd every single episode. Then I watched them while intermittently cheering, crying and wishing that I had cared less what people thought of me when I was like sixteen through twenty years of age.

Oh the angst.

I then got thinking about the evolution of my favorite shows of all time. You’ll notice a pattern.

The Smurfs

Yup. Still a whore.


La la la la la la is effing right. Who doesn’t love awesome little blue creatures with the nicest father ever? Sure, there is only one girl and no mother (try explaining that to a four-year old) but the show is so good.

Jokey is a huge pain in the ass though. Seriously Jokey, knock it off. And why did the other Smurfs not learn their lesson? The present explodes every time.

Oh and Smurfette is a slut.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that we all started off as Smurfs.

Rags to Riches

Way creepier than I remember.

Yes! A few (hundred) of you are saying. “Oh my God. I remember that show. Mr. Foley adopted a bunch of orphans. They would spontaneously belt out oldies and it was amazing. And kinda creepy.”

Or maybe that’s just me? Nonetheless, it was one that I would look forward to watching for the thirty seconds that it was on.


The Cosby Show – undeserving of a photo.

There was a period of time when I only bathed on Sunday evenings before the Cosby Show. Until my friend nicely pointed out that a.) that was gross and b.) I smelled. The Cosbys grew up with us. Bill is no Chevy Chase, but I give him credit for his endless supply of geometric sweaters. This show bored me to pre pubescent tears.

My So Called Life

I didn’t care that Jordan Catalano looked like he was twenty-five in this show. And was a total dick. I loved him and I loved the fact that my mom and I could watch this together because of the adult storyline.

However, I will be using this as a teaching tool to explain to my daughter that doing an eyeliner wearing, dumbass, soul crusher’s homework is not good for her self-esteem.

I will tell her to pine over the smart, cute quiet kid. Smart, cute quiet kid will be a doctor. Jordan Catalano will go nowhere and end up mowing her lawn. 

Nevertheless, tell me this scene didn’t rock your face off in 1994.


Six Feet Under

A show about death and dysfunctional families. Done and Done. I miss this show almost as much as I miss MSCL.

Try not to get the chills when you watch this. Then go rent the entire series on Netflix.

True Blood

Basically my creator. NBD.

My current favorite. Vampires. Salacious goodness. ERIC NORTHMAN. Alan Ball is the balls.





I hope you see the evolution.

So it basically started with prehistoric Smurfs and ended with immortals. With several shows with the word ‘life’ in the title in between. Obviously.


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