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18 Jan

My New Year’s Resolution was a little different this year. Rather than the swear less, eat less, exercise more, stop stabbing people in the face blah blah blah, I went with a simple Modus Operandi. Be a better person. Period. Well, it’s actually not that simple. Be a better Mother, Professional, Wife, Writer, Friend (for those honest critics that deserve to be). Just to be a better me. My authentic self. See Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s definition of inauthenticity for reference.

As part of my quest for betterment, I realized that there are some amazing women right here. Women whom are great at healing, fixing, helping and sharing their talents. I thought what better way to call out to the Universe (please God someone save me) for improvement then to promote some of my favorite Lovely Lady Vendors. I like calling them vendors. It sounds so smart.

1.) MotherShare, Inc.

Women. Banding. Together.

MotherShare, Inc.’s Consignment Fair is held at different, convenient locations on the South Shore. All are welcome to consign and shop. Earn up to 70% as a consignor and get amazing deals on quality items as a shopper! The first sale will be in the Spring of 2012 in Kingston, MA! “Like” our FaceBook page for forthcoming details! If you’re interested in making some money by consigning with us, email us for details. You don’t have to live in Massachusetts to make some cash money. But you should because Kingston is awesome.

As women, we are expected to do it all. With grace. Let’s help each other out! Whether you are an expecting mother, a mother with grown or growing children, or an excited grandmother, friend or relative, the MotherShare Consignment Fair is for you.

Our goal is to be a vehicle to reducing excess, help the environment, build community and save money. We want to introduce a new way to shop using our own resources and connections to reduce mass consumption. In addition our goal is to rebuild the sense of community we once had by supporting each other, sharing skills with the goal to focus on what is truly important, our children’s well-being.

MotherShare, Inc. (website is still gestating)

MotherShare, Inc. FaceBook Page

We. Can. Do. It.


2.) Leader Consultant Group

Change Through Empowerment

Tammy Jordan is a coach, trainer, consultant, writer and founder of Leader Consulting Group, a management consulting firm that empowers individuals, teams and organizations with strategic training initiatives and interventions that create positive and sustainable growth. Tammy is also a self-proclaimed leadership and mentoring enthusiast and writes an expert blog, Change Through Empowerment for Little PINK Book , America’s #1 digital platform for ambitious, intelligent women who are passionate about making a difference.

Leader Consulting Group offers; custom-designed leadership training programs, workshops and seminars on a variety of topics including organizational and personal change management, emotional intelligence, team effectiveness and work/life integration and alignment.

LCG is also the proud creator of the Women In Leadership Peer Roundtable / Professional Development Series – groups of same level women leaders that learn from each other through a facilitated discussion of the connections between leadership and life issues unique to women.

Tammy Jordan, Founder and Principal

Leader Consulting Group, Change Through Empowerment


On Facebook @ ~ On Twitter @empower2change

3.) S i m p l i P h y Chiropractic & Bodywork

SCB is an integrative wellness studio that combines Principled Chiropractic with Therapeutic Bodywork to create a unique Healing environment that helps you connect to self and in life to reduce Stress, increase Vitality and bring higher Quality of life.

If you want to be happier, healthier, more stable, and overall generally awesome, go to SCB. Dr. Amity is life changing.

S i m p l i P h y Chiropractic & Bodywork

47 Main St

Plymouth, MA 02360


SCB is an Integrative Wellness Studio offering Network Spinal Analysis TM, Therapeutic Bodywork and Nutrition Assessment.
4.) Catherine Kiff-Vozza, Couture Stationer

CKV has done my holiday cards for the past seven years. She has also done both of my children’s birth announcements and the cover of my book!

CKV is a custom stationer who specializes in couture wedding invitation suites as well as party invitations, announcements and holiday cards. Our style is a delicate blend of tradition and modernity always with a nod to trends in fashion and interior design. Every design is created custom to suit each client and event perfectly. We enjoy incorporating delicately considered accessories like a patterned papers, satin ribbons, wax seals, cotton twine and more. And we love the idea creating something extremely unique like a coaster shaped invitation, vellum wrapped announcement or even an invitation wrapped in a scroll and placed inside a box lined with real moss. We embrace any challenge and welcome every opportunity to do something out of the box!

Catherine Kiff-Vozza is the owner and designer and her love of paper, color, design and fashion all things fabulous led her to stationery design. She was educated as a fashion illustrator and those illustrations are often used in her work while other designs are inspired by textures, colors and embellishments from couture garments and accessories.

Catherine’s philosophy has always been to deliver a high level of design custom to each client and their event. with a nod to her roots in graphic design and illustration and a wink to the things she loves like fashion. She loves every project and takes each on as challenge to create the perfect blend of style, design, quality and budget.

 Catherine Kiff-Vozza, Couture Stationer



emily chaffee is an empathic coach who supports women in creating a life that matches their deepest desires. through a process of bringing all needs to the table, clients achieve clarity about what they truly want, and take concrete steps into living their calling.

emily is currently offering a free 45 minute call to check out empathic coaching – in the call you get clarity on your vision and a taste of the support empathic coaching offers.

i work with people who want to live the fullest expression of themselves. i support my clients through a process of empathy & self-connected action that leads to the fun and meaningful life they dream of. ~emily


6.) Yummy Mummy Meals Workshop

Spend a night out with friends, preparing 10 meals (4 adult servings each) that will stock your freezer with healthy, delicious, inexpensive food for your whole family. Avoid the dinnertime panic of wondering what you will make for your family. Stop resorting to expensive, unhealthy take-out or chicken fingers and French fries again!

Yummy Mummy Meals Workshop

Facebook: Yummy Mummy Meals Workshop

Yummy Mummy Meals Workshop


7.) Kristin Young Photography

Kristin is an AH-MAZING photographer. She captures weddings, families, engagements or any event so beautifully. She photographed my wedding, along with several of my friends’ special days and she is truly talented.

Kristin Young Photography



8.) Bridget Barry Haglund

Hair Stylist and Get Skinny Magician

Bridget is a hairstylist/colorist at Reflections Salon & Spa in Plymouth, MA. She’s been in the industry for over 8 years and she loves to put a smile on her client’s face once they’ve seen their new look in the mirror for the first time. Making people feel good about themselves is her passion. What’s better than being a better version of yourself?! Her services include: color, foil, cutting (men, women and children), bridal hair, facial waxing. You can find Bridget at Reflections Salon & Spa in Plymouth, MA. 508-747-2121. Bridget has chopped, colored, trimmed and transformed my hair. I trust her and she always does an amazing job!

Bridget is also an Independent Distributor for It Works! If you’re interested in getting healthy, detoxing your body, shrinking fat cells and losing inches off of your body in as little as 45 mins with an all natural botanical wrap (wraps are $30 each) e-mail her at or “Like” her Facebook page “It Works! Get Healthy With Bridget” to see Before & After pictures. Visit for more info!


 9.) My new favorite book ~ Fifty Reasons to Elope. This is a hilarious “chick lit” novel by some random author. Weird.


Fifty Reasons to Elope – Tips from a Bridezilla
There you have it. Just a cross-section of awesome women business owners. Part II of LVTIL coming soon.

So go better yourself!


2 Responses to “Lady Vendors that I Love – LVTIL”

  1. kerrylee777 February 2, 2012 at 9:02 pm #

    Ugh she is such a yuck! Seriously.

  2. the sisters February 3, 2012 at 1:04 am #

    This blog post is about empathy, discovering new strategies, simplifying and sisterhood. Let’s all say an OM for Polly and hope her heart chakra opens up.

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