Live Life Believe

1 Mar

We belong to a ridiculously awesome gym called Live Life Believe. We want you to belong too. Unless you don’t want to be in our club, which would be weird because our club is kind of amazing.

Here’s a list of things that we love about LLB. And your mom.

No Creep Factor

There aren’t any large men carrying around gallons of some unknown substance (seriously, what is in those jugs?) No one leering at your ass. Well, except for the Bitchin Sisters. We are totally staring at your ass.  This gym is perfect for the modest as well as the über athlete. You will feel comfortable and cared for no matter what you want to do. No meatheads like other gyms, which will remain nameless because we’re nice. Side-eye, other gyms.

I bet this guy drank out of huge gallon jugs. Right before he lost to Rocky. BAM! Sly wins EVERY TIME.

I bet this guy drank out of huge gallon jugs and walked around the gym thrusting his nipple in everyone’s eye. Right before he lost to Rocky. BAM! Sly wins EVERY TIME. Fact.

The People

When you walk into this place, the energy is contagious. You’re greeted by warm people who earnestly care about you and genuinely want to help you be a stronger, healthier person. I am a reformed serial gym member. I have belonged to several gyms in my lifetime. The people at LLB are by far the most helpful, non-judgmental and just plain good. There is no hard sell. There is no script about what type of gym they are, and they definitely don’t just want your ten dollars a month and never see you again. They really like to see you. You will also like to see them. I promise.

The owner’s vision was to create a healthy, friendly atmosphere that inspires and empowers people to see their own true beauty and strength and enables them to achieve goals that they didn’t believe possible. He also recycles. And dances his little heart out as seen below.


LiveLifeBelieve has the best staff. Period. The instructors are incredible. They motivate. They care and they are truly invested in the members. I have yet to see such dedication and commitment. I’ve never taught a class before, but it really has to suck having people staring at you, wondering what your next move is, making horrible faces and sweating and struggling. It is probably like being a dentist. Or a gynecologist. That WOULD SUCK. But yet, they still motivate and inspire and get you moving. Or in my case, they make sure I am still breathing and tell me to floss more. Or do more planks. You see the parallel. I was going to say something about stirrups but my mom reads this blog and she will disown me.


Magical people sent here to make you better at life. And to show you how to have fun doing it.

The members are friends. Like I said, it’s a club. Not a night club with drama and scandal. Simply good people, great equipment and incredible classes. No dicks. No cliques. No HICKS…. we just made up the last one cuz it rhymed with dicks and cliques. We kind of like hicks. Hicks are hot and totally welcome.

The Equipment

State. Of. The. Art. For reals. The equipment is the same machinery Olympians train on. All TechnoGym, FlexaBility and Kinesis Stations. You feel like an Olympian. Only you’re wearing underwear. Or not. We don’t judge.

The cycling room has Cyclops bikes, the best cycling bikes on the market.  I had never taken a spinning or cycling class before. The first time I took one was at LLB. I was like a hammered baby giraffe learning how to walk. On ice. Blind folded. And I needed epi foam afterwards. But I was hooked. Natalie, who is basically the nicest person ever puts together creative rides like Animal Ride. It is incredible. I cried. I got chills. I may have lost my virginity. Again. You get to pretend you are a different animal for each track and you believe you are. I was a cheetah and I ate a gazelle. I was a wolf and I was in a pack. It was more fun than I have ever had on a stationary bike in my life. Except for my sophomore year in college but we will NOT go into that because again…my mom. (I WILL JUST SAY JELLO WAS INVOLVED.)

Assistnat General Manager and the Nicest Person Ever

Assistant General Manager and maybe the Nicest Person Ever. Except when she is a tiger during her Animal Ride. She will devour you. Rawr.

The Bitchin Sisters attempting their first cycling class.

The Bitchin Sisters attempting their first cycling class.

It Smells Good

No seriously. This place smells amazing. It’s right smack in Plymouth’s historical old rope factory, Cordage Park. So I don’t know if it smells like rope or what, but it’s amazeballs. The space is mad cool too. The liquidy shiny hardwood floors with exposed brick and an industrial, rustic feel, is an amazing contrast to the sleek, sexy, high-tech equipment. It all makes you feel like you’re getting a great workout in a place where shit happened. Like majorly important shit. (Ropes hold boats to docks and were used to hang bad people. We like ropes. Rope is dope). It is a beautiful sprawling space of fitnessy coolness. And it doesn’t smell like a jock strap. Bonus.

Pump class in an old rope factory? Yes please.

Pump class in an old rope factory? Yes please.

The Classes

I have a new boyfriend named Les Mills. He likes to kick my ass, bring me to the brink of death and make me sweat my face off. He loves me. And he loves you. Hold me, Les Mills.

There is literally a class for everyone. If you have exercise ADHD like me and want to keep your workouts fresh and diverse…let’s go do yoga, ride bikes, jump rope and OH LOOK THERE’S A SMOOTHIE BAR…at LLB. Together.

Body Combat, Body Pump, CXWorx and Body Flow will make you fit. Fast. Seriously. After your first Pump, CXWorx, Combat or other Les Mills class, you’ll notice a difference in your body. Fo Sho.

Fierce Les Mills instructors: Kristine, Kelly and Jean

Some of our fierce Les Mills instructors: Kristine, Kelly and Jean

Get in for a 5:10am ass whooping by the Iron Woman, Maggie Phaneuf. Take a Rock Ur Body class with the magical little fairy that is Karen Rich or her husband, Stephen’s SPARK class. Karen and Stephen have like eleven babies and still manage to have more energy than most humans. LLB has the best instructors in the area. Seriously. I can’t even believe they aren’t famous. They will be. And I will get to say I knew them when. I totally say that about Billy Blanks and Susan Powter but they don’t return my calls. Whatevs.

Life coach, wellness manager and the tiniest human being with the biggest heart that you've ever seen, Karen Rich.

Life coach, wellness manager and the tiniest human being with the biggest heart that you’ve ever seen, Karen Rich.


They encourage you to push yourself…

LLB's Fitness Director and resident badass, Maggie Phaneuf.

LLB’s Fitness Director and resident badass, Maggie Phaneuf. ~Tough Mudder 2012

Without gimmicks…

Wonder where she is these days.

Can you say restraining order? At LLB, they don’t holler in your face.

They love their members….

The members want to live there. Or maybe that’s just me. Sometimes I hide in the bathroom so I don’t have to leave. Awkward.

The schedule is accommodating and there is FREE DAYCARE. Maybe you didn’t hear me. THE DAYCARE IS FREE. My kids love it there! My son may or may not steal a toy almost every time he goes but please don’t tell anyone. He also talks about Kids Cove in his sleep. Your kids will too.

Kids Cove. Come play with us!

Kids Cove. Come play with us!

The Bod Pod

I would post a picture of myself in the Bod Pod, but then I’d have to kill all of you. This Lean Body Mass assessment tool is the most accurate on the market. Want to know how much Fat/Lean Mass you currently store in that fabulous hot body of yours? (I know it’s scary. But it helps you set goals and have the real number in front of your face.) And besides, you know those calipers are SO inaccurate. If you can pinch an inch then you are alive. And you have skin. Try the Bod Pod for the real dealz. And then talk to a trainer for some goal setting goodness.

Seriously accurate results. Serious goals. Seriously felt like Mork from Mork and Mindy. And it was glorious. Nanu nanu.

Seriously accurate results. Serious goals. Seriously felt like Mork from Mork and Mindy. And it was glorious. Nanu nanu.

Smoothie Bar

A wonderful cuisine of fresh fruit smoothies and lots of options for protein supplements including whey protein, peanut butter and Chia Seeds. You will think you have died and gone to Starbucks. Without the calories, sugar and stupid names for small, medium and large. “I would like a Small Venti Grande chemical bath with lots of preservatives and let me pay nine bucks please.”

NOPE. $4.50 and all natural and healthy goodness. SO YUMMY!!! Let’s just say that one of the Bitchin Sisters makes the best smoothie in town.

Bitchin Sister = Best Smoothie maker.

Bitchin Sister = Best Smoothie maker.

Like LiveLifeBelieve on Facebook. And come in and see for yourself why you should join. Don’t simply exist. Live.


2 Responses to “Live Life Believe”

  1. steve March 1, 2013 at 8:58 pm #

    You two should have a blog. That’s too funny. I never read about a gym before..and finished it!

  2. mo September 12, 2013 at 3:42 pm #

    Just found this blog, thanks to a Pinterest-loving friend who shared your latest entry. I almost popped an eardrum trying not to laugh too loud at work while reading the gym post. I wished I lived in your area and could join. Girlfriend leading the “thrift store” class is workin’ it!

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